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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tales from the Crypt: The New Arrival

First of all, I'd just like to say, Jesus fucking Christ, this was scarier than any movie, or any show I have ever seen in my life. Tales from the Crypt really outdid itself this time.

Now, I'd do a full review but I really do NOT want to spoil anything about this episode for anybody who hasn't been so lucky as to have already experienced it, but I'll give a short summary until shit gets real.

The episode opens up to a radio station where a show starring a cool "bad dude" is being aired, and is finishing up. The main character of our story is an aging psychologist who finds this show absolutely horrible and against what he teaches, despite the ratings it gains for the story. The other show finishes, and the psychologist goes into the booth to start his own show. A caller phones in and he is quite familiar with her as she has called in numerous times. She talks about how her child has begun to smash her head against the walls over and over, and as shes explaining it our main character overhears that his show is getting canceled. He decides that they'll start airing the show from the home of the problem child until she is acting properly.

The psychologist and his producers go to the house to start the show and all sorts of scary shit occurs... But I don't want to spoil it so I'm cutting the summary short.

Scare Factor: GODDAMN/5
Acting Quality: 5/5
Effects: 3.5/5
Puns: 9 or so
Total: 5 Cryptkeepers out of 5.

If you happen to have a copy of Tales from the Crypt season 4, have some friends over and turn out the lights, cause this episode is sure to scare the shit out of you. If you have the uncensored episodes, even better.

I'm here to rape your dreams!


  1. When I was a kid, Tales from the Crypt would be on HBO late night. If I fell asleep with HBO on my parents would come into my room in the morning and think i was watching the softcore xxx the nite before.

  2. Good review, awesome blog - I didn't even think to search for one like this but really glad I found yours. Keep it up!


  3. That does sounds scary!


  4. hey. thanks for the review.
    i am a bit scared now
    and always these psychologists :D

  5. Ha, I JUST downloaded every TFTC episode about a week ago, and I finished them all. I remember this episode very specifically. I won't spoil it either, but they did a great job on the ending and death traps. Let's just say that the child has a face only a mother could love... You know, the kind of mother that's blind in one eye and the other has that white milky film over it.

    I follow and support those who do likewise.

  6. Nice, I totally have to get that. I'll have fun watching it with friends. Following.

  7. I forget about this episode, it was creepy as fuck! "Ignore it, ignore it, ignore it!" Haha.

  8. Good review!

  9. woah... the last picture gave me the chills

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  11. i was scared of this movie when i was younger. there was just something very unsettling about it.

  12. i really like that actor in the picture i need to find this episode now


  13. Ahh lady at the end was terrifying

  14. Ima download this and check it out when im baked, thanks.




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